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Air Treatment

General Compressor Inc. sells compressed air treatment products that are engineered to maximize the efficiency of your compressed air system. These products will keep moisture and residual oil out of your air system, which will keep your system dry and clean. By using these products, we will help you meet production demand without the use of excess energy.

Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer  
Quincy Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer

Best Suited For Smaller Systems Expecting Fairly Constant Loads
These units use a two-stage heat exchanger to maintain consistent dew points. Freeze-ups are prevented and optimum performance is maintained.
39°F Dew Point 
10-4,000 ACFM 
150 PSIG Maximum (Higher Pressure Available) 

Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer  
Quincy Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer

Most Efficient Drying Technology Available
These units save energy by cycling the refrigeration on and off in response to demand. A three-stage heat exchanger system is employed to provide the cold storage necessary for the operation. 
35°F Dew Point 
100-4,000 ACFM 
150 PSIG Maximum 

Non-cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer  
Donaldson Non-cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer

SD, VF, AR Series Non-Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers 
Donaldson non-cycling refrigerated compressed air dryers are focused on reliable, constant dew point performance in all flow conditions. With its excellent heat transfer coefficients and extremely low-pressure drop, these dryers will outperform the competition in protecting your compressed air systems, machinery, and tools.
The Donaldson SD Series dryers (10-40 CFM) combine energy efficient, reliable operation with a space-saving small footprint. The SD features an integrated air-to-air exchanger, often only used in larger models, but standard feature in all Donaldson refrigerated air dryers.
The Donaldson VF Series (50-2,000 CFM) offers the highest efficiencies at varying flow conditions in a lightweight, compact design. No other dryer in the industry can offer the efficiency ratings achieved by the VF Series dryers in variable flow operations.
The Donaldson AR Series (2,500-10,000 CFM) stands for reliability and performance. Air-cooled and water-cooled designs are available, along with a number of customization options to exactly match the application requirements.
DHT Series High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers
The Donaldson DHT (20-125 CFM) high inlet temperature refrigerated compressed air dryers have been designed specifically for use with smaller air compressors that typically do not incorporate an aftercooler. The DHT dryers can accept compressed air up to a temperature of 250۫ F and provide clean dry air at the outlet.

Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer
Donaldson Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer

RFC and DVF Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers
Energy efficient operation is of paramount importance to any industrial machine and the process it supports. The RFC dryer line, with Ultrapulse control, and the DVF digital scroll series, offer the latest in energy-saving technology up to 2,000 CFM.
The Donaldson RFC Series dryers (200-650 CFM) operate a microprocessor-based controller to turn the refrigerant compressor on and off based on actual load conditions. The controller has been programmed to not only measure and respond to critical operating parameters but to track (up to 8 times per second) and anticipate demand. This ability to proactively encounter load changes and adjust the operating cycle accordingly sets the RFC series dryers apart from the competition.
The Donaldson DVF Series Dryers (800-2,000 CFM) utilizes digital scroll compressors to modulate between 10% and 100% capacity. The microprocessor-controlled modulation provides a near linear power reduction when unloaded, which results in a highly consistent performance pattern during load variations. Using our patented Variable Flow aluminum block heat exchanger, the DVF dryers provide the high separation efficiency our customers have come to expect.
High –Capacity Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers
The Donaldson RTM high-capacity cycling refrigerated compressed air dryers use multiple compressors with defined loading/unloading capacities and a thermal mass storage medium for energy-efficient operation. These dryers are ideally suited when large air volumes need to be dried to a reliable and constant dew point.

Climate Control  
Quincy Duplex – Climate Control Panel

State-of-Art Alternator
Lead/Lag Selector Switch Test-Off Run Switches, Operating Lights, and Control Transformer Are Standard In Single Power Source Enclosure
Remote Monitoring Capabilities
Solid-State Circuitry

Desiccant Air Dryers  

Quincy Desiccant Air Dryers
Desiccant Dryers
Quincy desiccant air dryers purify compressed air by absorbing water vapor. The units direct the flow of wet compressed air through a bed of highly adsorbent desiccant.
Only Quincy air dryers have Q-Sorb - the first significant improvement in activated alumina in many years - as the adsorbent desiccant. The uniform size of its beads minimizes channeling and allows more efficient use of the entire dryer tower, thus reducing operating costs. Q-Sorb's higher crush strength and low abrasion characteristic also add to Quincy desiccant air dryer performance as they reduce dusting, which results in longer filter element life, longer desiccant life and lower pressure drop - all money saving features.

These dryers use a small portion of the dried compressed air to purge the off- line tower: 
Initial Cost: Low  -  Operating Cost: Moderate to High  -  Maintenance Cost: Low
Heated Purge
These dryers use less dried compressed air to purge the off line tower than the heatless series.
Initial Cost: Moderate  -  Operating Cost: Moderately Low  -  Maintenance Cost: Low
The optional Quincy MicroBurst Regeneration (MBR) system is the only full-load energy saver available for use with heated purge desiccant air dryers. The MBR cuts purge requirements in half and seriously reduces heater “on” time. When equipped with the Quincy MBR, our Heated Purge dryers use 50% less energy. ROI can be realized within 5 months, depending on dryer size and local power costs.

Blower Purge

These dryers combine heat with forced ambient air for regeneration
Initial Cost: High  -  Operating Cost: Moderately Low  -  Maintenance Cost: Moderately Low

  • -40° to -100° F Dew Point 
  • Enhanced Q-Sorb Desiccant 
  • Sequence Annunciator 
  • Nema 4 Standard 
  • Microprocessor Control 
  • Demand Control Option 
  • MicroBurst Regeneration System (Heated Purge Only) 
  • Premium Switching Valve Option With 5-Year Warranty 

Quincy QIWX – Condensate Drain

  • Zero Compressed Air Loss
  • Coated Aluminum Parts
  • Viton Diaphragm and O-Rings
  • Voltage Range from 24-230 Volts
  • Automatic Diagnostic Routines
  • Electronic Control Ensures Continuous Operation
  • Alarm Contact Provided For Remote Monitoring
  • Zero Movement Sensors

Quincy QIOP – Oil Free Package

  • Ensures Oil-Free Compressed Air
  • Volume Flow 3-5,000 CFM
  • Operating Pressure 60-250 PSIG
  • Drying Packages Complete with Prefilter, Afterfilter and Condensate Drain
  • Differential Pressure Measurement and Shut-Off Valve Eliminate Oil Contamination
  • Oil Carryover of <0.003ppm


Replacement filter elements for Air/Tak, Airtek, Atlas Copco, Balston, Champion, CompAir, LeRoi, Deltech, Dollinger, Domnick Hunter, Finite, Gardner Denver, Great Lakes, Hankison, Hiross, Ingersoll Rand, Kaeser, Pioneer, Pneumatech, Sullair, Technolab, Ultrafilter & Zander.  Please call for information on other brands or part numbers not listed.

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